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  • Felix: -smiled down the phone and hummed happy and low- Hello, papa. I'm good. How are you? How has your day been so far?
  • Rhys: I love that you call me that. I'm good. My day's been great. I'm missing you though. What are you up to?
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  • Felix: -waited till about midday before hitting dial and calling Rhys. There was a part of him he was sure that should feel guilty for what they were doing, but it was over ruled by the part of him that felt happy, that felt wanted. As such, he rolled onto his back into the middle of his bed-
  • Rhys: -felt horribly guilty about everything, but he couldn't control himself. There was something about Felix that had him going back for more, like an idiot.- Hello, kitten. How are you today?
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felixdecroix inquired:

[TEXT] Happy Birthday Rhys. I hope you have a great day today. Let Joe spoil you, okay? Here's to another year and many, many more. I'll call you later when it's not 2am. All my love. xx



[text] Thanks kitten. I look forward to hearing from you. xoxo <3

[TEXT] When is the best time for me to call? So I don’t interrupt the celebrations?

[text] Um. Sometime around noon? Joe usually goes to his garden to check things out. We’ll get the most privacy then. 

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Birthday Boy


Joe awoke quietly that morning and found himself up before Rhys, which was unusual. He slipped out of bed, and padded down stairs to his domain and stood in the kitchen. He rubbed his hands together and grinned, looking around the space. Now was time to create. He didn’t have a lot of time (the smell of cooking meat tended to summon Rhys faster than any other smell) but he reckoned he could do it. A thought crossed his mind and her perked, hurrying to the study where he made a small place card.

Hands and feet inside the ride at all times. Please stay in your seat, someone will be by to attend to you soon. 

He hurried up the stairs and placed it on his pillow, right next to Rhys’ face. This surprise was happening, come hell or high water. Back down the stairs and he started creating. First things first, waffles. Made from scratch, he had been scouring cookbooks and the internet for all manner of recipies until Lars had supplied him with his mothers recipe, something he would take to the grave. Some careful measuring and mixing and preparing later and the mixture was ready to cook. Bacon was bought of the fridge and set to the side to cook and chocolate of all things, was starting to have the beating of a life time.

Stirring and bubbling and cooking and chopping and sizzling and burning later, he finished off his plate and looked at the contents. A stack of waffles, fresh and golden and hot and puffy, a choice of toppings from home made chocolate sauce to a raspberry coolie to maple syrup and sugar. Ice cream, cream in side dishes. A side of bacon and a little chocolate sign, piped with the words Happy Birthday my love. xx, Joe.

He wasn’t sure if his husband would be awake yet, but he collected the tray and wandered up the stairs. At the door, he stopped, stripped out of his clothes because it only seemed to right to do this properly, he nudged it open with his hip and wandered to the curtains. He tugged them open to let in the natural light and seeing his lover awake, he wandered over and leaned down, pressing a soft, gently, earnest, loving kiss to his mouth. “Happy Birthday, my love,” he said with a grin.

This year, he was breaking tradition. This year, he wasn’t going to him mother’s grave, and he wasn’t going to his fathers’s graves. He was staying home and laying in bed, and being obnoxiously dull. He decided that at about three in the morning when he should have been waking up to get ready to go to Pittsburgh. The alarm was turned off right before it could sound and disturb Joe and whoever else was lazing about their house. He cuddled into Joe for the rest of the twilight, kissing at his ears, at his throat, riding the swell of his pert little ass under the heavy press of blankets, and that was just to reestablish their shared personal space. 

Rhys slept soundly after that until he smelled the delicious aroma of bacon and other equally delicious scents in the air. Joe was cooking. The note on the pillow was a cute gesture and he got the message, loud and clear. Stay the fuck in bed and don’t blow the surprise. Roger that. Rhys stayed in bed, but his arms did dangle off the side just to be a rebel. That was about the time he heard movement at the door. He quickly tucked his arms back in, just in case he’d get into trouble. It was like Joe knew he was being a cheeky shit. 

Curtains open, natural light flooding in like the highbeams of a semi, he squinted and hissed, throwing his arms over his face and doing a very Dracula-like impersonation. There Joe was with breakfast, stripped down to his birthday suit, and for the first time ever, Rhys was torn between making the decision of having sex and eating food. He sighed to himself, lamenting in his hardknock life. “Boo,” he said, keeping with the Dracula. “I want to suck your…….. dick.” Rhys giggled as Joe leaned over, wishing him his happy birthday, kissing him with those amazing, soft, delicious, beautiful lips. “Thank you, my love. Good morning. Everything looks so very delicious. Everything.” 

Rhys laid there, twitching under the blankets, looking over Joe, looking over the food. And he finally came to a decision. “Turn around,” he said, pushing the tray into Joseph’s hands. “Bend over, don’t spill a damn thing.” Rhys put his hands on Joe’s ass, one cupping each cheek. The wedding ring against Joe’s skin made Rhys squeeze just a little bit, wanting to see the metal dent into the skin. When the younger male leaned forward, that’s when he parted them. Wide. Exposing his pink center. One lick, two, three, Rhys moaned as he went to work with it, lapping up Joe’s tight little pussy hole. He slid his tongue inside just once and then pulled away entirely. That was enough for a tease. He could eat now. 

Stealing the tray back, he put it off to the side, nibbled on a piece of bacon as he reached for the chocolate sauce, not before grinning like a loon at the homemade sign. “Joe, baby…” he sighed. “You like sweet stuff, right?” A splash of chocolate sauce was drizzled on his dick, hinting to the Jewish boy what exactly his Catholic dick wanted. Just for wetness. Just to get them both slick enough to easily fuck and ride. Rhys grabbed another piece of bacon to nibble on, feeling entirely spoiled rotten. But he loved it. And he loved Joe. And he appreciated this. The best birthday he’s ever had, and he’s only been awake for fifteen minutes. 

felixdecroix inquired:

[TEXT] Happy Birthday Rhys. I hope you have a great day today. Let Joe spoil you, okay? Here's to another year and many, many more. I'll call you later when it's not 2am. All my love. xx

[text] Thanks kitten. I look forward to hearing from you. xoxo <3

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Happy 37th Birthday Tom Hardy! ♥ (09.15.1977)

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Past Wounds


Big callused hands skated over his skin and he sighed and shifted and writhed into them, encouraging them and courting their touch. Fire and ice danced across his skin where he was touched and met Rhys, his body arching up into the one crushing him into the mattress, panting into the kiss, drinking in the others breath as it fanned in frantic puffs against his mouth, whimpering needily as the tongue slipped between his lips and his own greeted it. He wiggle and tried to kick the sheet out of the way, a soft moan spilling from his lips as he felt the throb and twitch of the other against his hip, against his own dick, feeling him harden in interest. He rubbed against him, rutted against him and he wrapped his arms around him tight. Holding onto him, he let Rhys slip lower as the sheet was pulled away, exposing more pale soft skin to the air and his soft, roaming, eager mouth. Almost by habit, his legs spread and made room for the big man, as if he belonged there and that was the spot for him, always between his thighs, connected to him.

He gasped at the lips around his dick, sucking him down and milking him with his hot, wet mouth and he mewled, one hand falling to press through the others hair. He watched, eyes wide open, looking down at him, watching Rhys work him, twitching into it. He groaned as his balls were sucked on, lashes fluttering and his legs fell apart further, twitching his hips up further into the hot mouth, a soft oh yes falling from his mouth as fingers pressed to his rim and opened him up. A lewd pop and Felix grinned a little down at him, watching as his legs were spread, felt his cheeks pulled apart and he pulled his legs back towards his chest, shameless and wanting for the next step. As always, he was smooth and pale, not a sliver of hair on him and he groaned at the first stripe of the tongue over his whole, swearing as Rhys sucked on him, pushing down into. “Fuck, Rhys,” he gasped as the tongue dove into his hole, licking into him, licking him open, making him wet and wide and throbbing and twitching. Shameless still, his legs drew back further, opening himself up more and his hands dropped to rest on the back of Rhys’ head, holding his head as his hips bucked and rolled into the wet protrusion. His dick gave a wet, interested twitch against his skin, dribbling a thick layer of slick over his skin as his hole fluttered around the tongue, gripping and grabbing at it, spine arched into a pretty bow.

Deeper, he stretched his tongue in, licked at the boy’s walls and dragged the rough textured appendage through his hole. “You like that?” Rhys grinned and sucked at his hole. His lips pressed tight around the rim, sealing it and he pulled away with a kiss. “Is this enough of an ‘I miss you’?” Rhys asked, lapping at Felix’s stretched hole. He pushed two digits in, taking up the space his tongue had abandoned and his lips wrapped tight around Felix’s cock. He sucked as he fucked his fingers in deep, brushing each one over the sensitive gland inside, pressing on it, pushing at it, molesting it as he moved. Rhys spread the boy’s legs wider and slotted himself between. The fit was the same as before. Just like before. Felix’s slender thighs felt warm and familiar around his hips. The way his feet hooked over his ass, the way they pushed into the swells of his cheeks. Rhys gave a moan into Felix’s ear, getting used to the feeling of him underneath. 

He tapped the tip of his dick against the boy’s hole, inching just the head inside. The spit-slick was enough lube for him to fit the first few inches in, and then the rest would burn and stretch for sure. Rhys took his time, sliding in and dragging out, slowly getting them both situated. Rhys gave the French boy soft kisses as he stretched him out, biting on his lips gently now and again. “Felix.” Rhys slid home, stretching him out fully around his size, punching his dick right into Felix’s guts and he slowly pulled out. “You know I missed you,” he said, giving him another kiss. 

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Past Wounds


It was no surprise that Felix was awake. He didn’t have the best sleep schedule and it was something that his work only fostered. The text messages leaked in, one after the other and it took all his will power not to pick up the phone and beg Rhys to come and see him. The truth of the matter was, he missed being missed. He missed being wanted. But above all, he missed Rhys. The sound of his voice, the feel of his skin and his body and the taste of his lips and his mouth. He sighed heavily and answered his text message, honest with himself and Rhys about what he wanted. He might have been someone else’s husband, but he still wanted him, needed him like he needed to breath. One last text telling him to forget it and he sighed again, rolling over and pressing his face into his pillow. Naked under his sheets, he felt that much more exposed.

He was lamenting his life in his bed, stretched out on his bed with his hands pressed into his eyes. He heard the door go downstairs, the sound of the lock opening and he frowned a little, hand paused over the location of his PPK. Heavy footsteps up the stairs, and he knew them as soon as he heard them. He was sitting up by the time Rhys appeared in the door way, breathing heavily and staring at him. He opened his mouth to say something and nothing came out, Rhys moving quickly across the floor and he took him into his arms, slender limbs wrapped around him where they could. The kisses were returned, eager and needy even as they were chaste through to deeper and desperate and needing and wanting. He keened and pressed himself against the heavy body over him. “Don’t apologise,” he said breathlessly, kissing him in return, kissing him further. “Don’t, just kiss me. Touch me. Show me you missed me,” he begged nearly.

His big hands roamed Felix’s body, feeling him inch for inch, every bit of him gone almost forgotten and it sparked a heated memory up from somewhere a long time ago that he couldn’t ignore any longer. There was a definite spark under his finger tips as they felt and squeezed and clenched around Felix’s body. Another kiss pressed to his soft, pink mouth. Another delve of his tongue between the other’s lips and he was panting into it now, unable to breathe, but unwanting to part. Rhys gave a roll of his hips, crushing them into the smaller body below him. His dick was giving interested little pulses, twitching between the fabric and his thigh, right against Felix’s and he knew the boy could feel him growing more and more interested. “Felix,” he keened, pulling the sheet down, exposing some of his nude figure. And Rhys’ mouth went to work, kissing every bit of the boy that was shown. His chest, his stomach, soft pubes that led down to his dick and Rhys wrapped his plush lips around the head, giving it a few hard sucks, sliding more and more inches down his throat, unyeilding to the growing protrusion. He pulled off and gave Felix his best attempt in their rushed state. Licking his balls, sucking on one then the other, back up to suck his dick and finger his asshole open to ready for the bigger thing. 

The whole time, Rhys’ eyes traveled between what it was he was doing and Felix’s face. He pulled off with a lewd pop and his head lowered, pushing between the boy’s soft, taut cheeks, spreading them apart with his hands as his tongue striped and licked over his pink hole. Felix looked virginal sometimes and it always had Rhys’ cock twitching with delight. One lap of his tongue over the furled center, another skilled suck on it with his lips sealed tight around the rim and his tongue went diving into the heat like it were his mouth and Rhys laid there, messing his sweat pants as he bucked his hard dick into the mattress, eating Felix’s ass out with fervor. 

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Sierra Leone


"On top or underneath, I know you love me either way," he purred softly in reply, leaning on the frame as he grinned at his husband from under his lashes. It didn’t matter which one they had, there was a good chance that they would fall asleep in the same bunk. Joe’s bag was shoved under the bed. It was just clothes and toiletries. All the important, no squishable stuff was set up in the lab already. The scientists milled around, setting their own stuff up. Photos of dogs and cats and people were blue tacked to walls, little bits of inspirational crap. Bags were shuffled and things were fluffed and sorted and stored. Pamphlets were accepted and looked over with vague interest, the general up shot of them being ‘get the fuck out of the building, stand together and wait for someone to fetch you’.

"This could be very interesting," Lars muttered with a small grin as he patted his pamphlet against his hand. There was a good chance that once science team got going, there would be no regular sleeping pattern for them. Or sleeping in general. They were running against the clock nearly constantly, because the virus you woke up this morning could be very different in 24 hours. And the disease that was in one person could be in one hundred people and spreading rapidly. So, in this case, sleep is for the weak and pain is just weakness leaving the body. Scientists wandered off and went to look over their new surroundings. Some of them wandered off to play with the Marine’s and yell at them and back seat game.

Joe lingered along with Rhys and he looked over at his husband and he beamed at him in reply. “I thought I wouldn’t see you for months,” he said softly, wandering closer to his husband. “I’m so happy it turned out this way. It’s-. There’s no better way it could have turned out,” he cast a quick glance around and moved closer again. “God, I love you Rhys. I’m so glad I’ve got you with me through this,” One more quick glance around he pressed a quick kiss to his lovers mouth and stepped back and out of his space, leaning nonchalantly against the bunk, pretending he didn’t want to desperately just throw himself at the other man and kiss him until he was breathless.

He kissed Joe back for the few seconds he had access to his lips. It was obvious this was going to be a ‘sneak them while no one’s looking’ sort of thing. The adrenaline rushed through his body, numbing his heart and his fingers as the thought of being caught lingered at the back of his mind. It was fun and scary and thrilling. “I love you, so fucking much, you big giant nerd.” He grinned, cracking a toothy smile at his husband, still in udder disbelief that they were allotted this time and opportunity together. “Let them get situated and I think we’ll be going out onto the field for a test run, just so you guys can get familiar with the area,” and himself too, for that matter, since he was a new arrival also, “and we can establish some sort of plan of execution for another day.” The big marine shrugged as he led Joseph out of the barracks and out into the dry heat of the desert land once more. As it turns out, Africa was hot. Who knew?

Rhys made his way for the hangar where the cooler air was. Only he wasn’t there for relaxation and petty status war this time. Rhys found the ammo box and started setting up his guns for the run. Linton and Briggs, who were nearby, saw and joined, taking their staff sergeant’s lead. They’d be traveling into hostile territory and would rather spend time now preparing than later. “I know you know how to use a gun, but, when we do the training stuff later, would you mind just letting me take you through the basics of our main arsenal? I don’t think you’ve used an M16 on deer before, and if you have, that’s badass.” He shot Joe a grin, stuffing ammo into his vest and around his belt. “And the MG40—” Linton chimed in, cutting Rhys off, “His baby, I’d swear he was having an affair with that thing, wait until you see him with it.” Rhys pushed Lint out of the way and grinned at his husband. “You’ll get to play with her too.” 

After Rhys readied himself, he started readying the convoy of hummers they’d be taking out. Just three. Enough to seat them all and then some. They were quieter than the black hawks, more fuel efficient and could carry more equipment as well. Another time, the balck hawks would be launched. “Your science department ready to launch ba-” he bit his tongue and turned to face Joe, red faced and embarrassed as he almost let ‘baby’ slip. “What’s your name? … Joe. Joe.” Good save, not. Rhys scrunched his eyes shut as he turned back around to finish packing up hummer one of their three-vehicle convoy. Hopefully this run would be routine and drama free. 

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A Tom Hardy portrait from Toronto. :)

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Rhys was up early, hovering over the stove in the kitchen, prepping breakfast for the house full of people. Eggs weren’t too burnt, the bacon was mostly cooked and the black spots on the biscuits were sparse enough to eat around. He heard footsteps on the stairs and smiled even he…

Brow arching in surprise to her comment about the poorly cooked did smelling good. “You obviously haven’t had Abuelita`s food for quite a while.” Rhys kept stirring the gravy, hoping it’d get thick like it was meant to. Giving up, he turned and smiled at the young woman, eyes lighting up as he looked her over.”

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Rhys was up early, hovering over the stove in the kitchen, prepping breakfast for the house full of people. Eggs weren’t too burnt, the bacon was mostly cooked and the black spots on the biscuits were sparse enough to eat around. He heard footsteps on the stairs and smiled even he saw his cousin. “Hey prima, how’d you sleep?”

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